Brown Paper Bounty


      Brown Paper Bounty

           locally sourced & hand built




brown Paper Bounty began at family gatherings and backyard parties and blossomed into collaborative culinary experiment which stemmed from the idea that traditional catering doesn't have to be the end of the conversation. It's possible to provide high quality, carefully sourced, and meticulously prepared foods outside of the stale formats we've known for years. Instead, Brown Paper Bounty builds custom charcuterie-style tablescapes that become the heart of any event: a place to gather, to break the ice, to share an experience.


Thoughtful sourcing is the foundation of our arrangements because we know that from great ingredients comes great food. We support local artisans and farmers because we know that to invest in our community is to strengthen our community.



We create custom tablescapes because we embrace the challenge and invitation to create something new for each event.